Got toothache?

Find out what to do next by visiting the dental emergencies page

Do not delay going to the dentist! We aim to see our patients on the day they phone, if possible. We will also try to see unregistered patients if we have time for a one-off charge of £50.

Don't ignore mild tooth pain

Toothache can be miserable. It usually starts with an intermittant niggle, and if left untreated can become a severe throbbing pain causing time off work and lost sleep.

If your pain is mild, don't ignore it. Contact your dental practice and ask for an appointment. You may find it helpful to avoid extremes of temperature and biting on your sore tooth.

More serious pain can come out of the blue. First aid relief can include oil of cloves from your pharmacist. Over the counter painkillers such as ibuprophen (for those who can take it - check with your pharmacist) or paracetamol (again, check with your pharmacist). It is best to avoid aspirin since it can make bleeding difficult to stop if the dentist decides upon an extraction.