NHS Service for Under 18s

The practice provides NHS treatment for under 18s only, on behalf of NHS England.

If you wish to access NHS dentistry for your child, please call reception to make an appointment on 01900 819222

Dental Emergencies

For practice members

During normal surgery hours, telephone reception on 01900 819222 we will endeavour to see you the same day, where possible.

Out of hours, listen carefully to the message, which will provide the telephone number of the on-call dentist for private patients. This on call service is available after normal weekday working hours and on weekends and bank holidays from 8.00am until 9.00pm.

The on-call dentist will charge a call out fee of £136. Please ask for, and keep the receipt. Bring the receipt into the surgery ASAP. Plan members will have £121 of this fee refunded by the Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme, which is a benefit of the Plan membership.

For under-18 NHS patients

During normal surgery hours, please telephone 01900 819222. We will endeavour to see you the same day, where possible.

Out of hours, please telephone NHS Dental Direct on 01228 603900 for access to the NHS dental emergency service.

If you are not a patient of our practice

Please telephone 01900 819222. We provide a service for people who are not registered patients with a dental emergency, depending on the availability of surgery time, for a one off charge usually of £70.

Alternatively, telephone 01228 603900 for access to the NHS dental emergency service.

Worldwide Dental Emergencies

For practice members

The cost of seeking emergency treatment away from home is covered as part of the MDCC plan, whether you are in the UK or travelling anywhere in the world.

To help you find a dentist in your location, please call the Worldwide Dental Emergency Assistance scheme help desk using the following numbers:

UK: 0800 525631
Abroad: +44 1747 820841

Your membership entitles you to the following:

  • Emergency 24 hour helpline in the UK for international calls to help Plan members to find a dentist in their location, (supplied on a credit card sized membership card)

  • Cover for the costs of temporary dental treatment as a result of a dental emergency whilst abroad

  • Cover towards the costs of permanent dental treatment following a dental injury

  • Payment for out-of-hours fees when dentists are required to open their dental surgery to treat you in an emergency

  • Hospital cash benefit payable when you are under the care of a dental or oral/maxillofacial surgeon


We encourage patients to provide feedback about any aspect of our service and we welcome any comments and suggestions regarding how we might improve the service for you.. Please use the quick feedback form below to submit a suggestion or email feedback@maryportdentalcarecentre.co.uk

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Practice Complaints Procedure

The Maryport Dental Care Centre operates a formal complaints procedure, which you can download in full.

If you wish to complain about any aspect of the service we provide, please contact the practice manager:

Telephone: 01900 819222

Email: duncan@maryportdentalcarecentre.co.uk

Address: Practice Manager
Maryport Dental Care Centre
Irish Street
CA15 8AD

Taking a complaint further

If you are not satisfied by our response, you can refer a complaint to an external authority

NHS complaints

Complaints about our NHS service can be referred to the NHS England Complaints Team:

Telephone: 00300 311 2233

Email: england.contactus@nhs.net

Address: The Complaints Team
NHS England
PO Box 16738
B97 9PT

Private complaints

Complaints about our private service can be referred to the Dental Complaints Service:

Website: www.dentalcomplaints.org.uk

Telephone: 020 8253 0800

Email: info@dentalcomplaints.org.uk

Address: Dental Complaints Service
37 Wimpole Street