Smoking and your oral health

Smoking is bad for your health in many ways. Your oral health is no different. Smoking leads to: 

  • Much increased risk of mouth, tongue and throat cancers
  • Stickier plaque leading to increased rate of decay and tooth loss
  • Delayed healing from any dental treatment you may need
  • Extensive, visible staining and yellowing of the teeth
  • Many other serious effects upon oral health
  • For more information about the oral health risks of smoking, visit WebMD or

There are many ways to stop smoking. We have links with the local NHS smoking cessation services and a local hypnotherapist whom some of our patients have found to be the help they need to stop smoking. Your dentist or GP can put you in touch with the local service which suits you best. Please ask any of our staff about stopping smoking.

Help and advice about stopping smoking: