Drinks and snacks

Healthy diet for a healthy mouth


Healthy snacks

Sugary snacks between meals can damage your child's oral health. Your child should try to avoid snacking, but toast with butter, breadsticks, fruits and plain crisps are less damaging to oral health than sweets and chocolates.

Try the Aquafresh website or NHS live well five-a-day for ideas for healthy eating.


Healthy drinks

It's really important not to put fizzy or sugary drinks or fruit juice into feeding bottles for young children! Doing this is likely to damage your child's health rapidly. It's best to fill bottles with milk or water.

Sweetened drinks and squashes can damage older children's teeth too. Try to stick with water or milk for in-between meals drinks. Even no added sugar squashes contain enough sugar to cause tooth decay if taken regularly. Juice and squash should be limited to mealtimes only.

Older children and teenagers can seriously damage their teeth by drinking very high sugar isotonic sports and energy drinks. These should be avoided as far as possible.We believe that skimmed milk is a very effective drink for rehydration, with the added benefit of  its protein content. 

If you have any questions about finding a healthy diet for your child, please ask our staff at your next appointment.