Choosing a toothpaste for kids

Use a 'milk teeth' toothpaste


If your child is younger than 3 years old, you should use a special formulation toothpaste

Just as using a fluoride toothpaste is important for adults, oral health in children is greatly improved by the regular use of fluoride toothpastes. You should brush your child's teeth twice a day, just as you brush your own!

Children up to the age of 3 should use 'milk teeth' toothpastes (these contain less fluoride than adult toothpastes). Your local pharmacy will stock suitable toothpastes, which should be clearly labelled. Ask the pharmacy staff if you are unsure.


If your child is older than 3 years, use a normal fluoride-containing toothpaste twice per day.

The Aquafresh website has lots of advice about how to look after childrens' teeth

Remember: toothpastes are medicines – keep out of reach of children